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So glad you stopped by!  I love to make things! These days, that means  lots of happy iPad, Procreate drawing and doodling and Junk Journaling! In the past I was most happy when I was sewing, quilting, painting paper, cutting and gluing and collaging! Before that, I was really into making Art Journals! Before that, I was.... well you get the idea!


Basically, I love to make fun, colorful creations that I hope will inspire and encourage YOU to be a joyful creator and maker, too!  Yay!

And I believe you can also use your art and creativity as a faith practice or discipline to draw you closer to God. I believe I was made to create and given the desire to create for His joy and glory and for my own source of joy and peace and to use as a tool to do good for others. 

I would love to hear why you create! Click the "Contact Me" tab above and tell me your story!

Leigh Ann

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